Sunday, April 26, 2009

Need your pictures!!

I have a picture of:
Payton (older sibling)
Aubrie (Needs to be loaded! I'll email you Alicia)
Skyla (Sorry- she was left off)

According to my list, I need about 50 more pictures....LOL!!!
What I am going to ask each of you to do is to load your picture on to in the Photo area. I have found that copying and pasting from my laptop causes pixelation problems. Email me to get the email address and password to login. When you pm me to ask, that is how I will know that I am waiting for a picture from you. I will send out one more reminder in one week and then that will be it. No more reminders after that. So please, please, please get me those pictures. I know this will mean so much to Chelsea and Travis!!!

And you can include the other siblings if you want. Just upload a pic of them too and they will be included!! Just like Payton!

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