Sunday, April 26, 2009

Need your pictures!!

I have a picture of:
Payton (older sibling)
Aubrie (Needs to be loaded! I'll email you Alicia)
Skyla (Sorry- she was left off)

According to my list, I need about 50 more pictures....LOL!!!
What I am going to ask each of you to do is to load your picture on to in the Photo area. I have found that copying and pasting from my laptop causes pixelation problems. Email me to get the email address and password to login. When you pm me to ask, that is how I will know that I am waiting for a picture from you. I will send out one more reminder in one week and then that will be it. No more reminders after that. So please, please, please get me those pictures. I know this will mean so much to Chelsea and Travis!!!

And you can include the other siblings if you want. Just upload a pic of them too and they will be included!! Just like Payton!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting Nervous.....

Ok ladies. You are making me nervous. I have one set of pictures- WTG Jen. But I need everyone else's pics. I really do need them by May 1st. I will be moving mid May and would like to finish it up so I do not have to rush to finish it.
So you can either email them to
or you can mail them to me. You can pm me for my address.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture Time!!

It is time to send me your pictures. You have 2 options: You can mail them to me or you can email them to me.
PM me for my address.
They should be birthday themed pictures. You can be in them or not. It is your choice!


Also, if you wanna send me some scrapbook stuff, just PM me for my address!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

If You Follow

Chelsea's blog for Travis please be sure you are following this one hidden or hers hidden. At least until the oroject is over we do not want her to find out by accident! Thanks Ladies. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Updates and Deadline Information

It is time to get this show on the road ladies!! Travis’ birthday is almost upon us so we need to get with it!
Here are some updates!

I (Sarah) have offered to scrapbook all of the pictures of the babies in birthday gear. So to do that, I need all of the babies pics sent to me by May 1st. Also, if you want to donate any birthday themed scrapbook stuff, that would be appreciated as well. PM me for my address!

Then in May, we will move on to letters to Chelsea. Then in June, it will be cards for Travis

Lyndsey is going to compile everything and ship it. She will probably ship it so that the package gets there the 2nd week of July. We realize that his birthday is July 29th but Kyle is coming home about that time so she needs to do it before then. And that way, she can have the stuff to open on his birthday. That also gives you all a window of time to ship any bday gifts you may have to Chelsea instead of them having to be shipped twice. So that would give you 2 weeks to do that after she gets the package. Also, it will catch her off guard because she may be thinking we may do something on his birthday but wouldn’t expect it a couple of weeks before

Also, we needed to come up with a signal or plan so that each time we update the blog, we don’t have to send out so many pm’s. It is time consuming and not very efficient. So here is the plan- When there is an update on the blog, I (Sarah) will ask a question on the board about birthdays. Something like “Have you thought of your baby’s birthday theme?” or “What flavor of birthday cake is your favorite?” When you see ME ask a question about birthdays (because I am the birthday girl- LOL), know that you need to check this blog!!

We also need to know who all is participating so we know whether to bug you when deadlines draw near. So please reply to our pm and let us know that you are participating!! The deadline to sign up is May 1st the same day the pictures are due to Sarah! 

Sarah and Lyndsey